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Remembering happier times
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This is a community for those who miss the early years of Smallville where Clark and Lex were obviously in love.

Whether you want to reminisce about times past, post fic, icons, screencaps, meta or just chat about the happier days of Smallville then this is the place to you.

The focus of this community is Seasons 1-3 of Smallville so please bear that in mind before you post.

As always there are a few rules

1. Keep it polite. No flaming or bashing other members. We're here to share the love, people.

2. If you're posting icons please post a maximum of 3 as a teaser and put the rest behind a cut

3. If you're posting fic please make sure it is clearly labelled with appropriate ratings and warnings

4. If you're posting screencaps please just use one as a teaser (and scale the size down if possible) and put the rest behind a cut

5. Please use appropriate tags on your posts so users can find your work later.

That's all folks. Have fun and play nice!

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